Greetings.  Many of you know me but for those who do not; my name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I am better known as Lady D.  I am a Lifestyle Domme and the owner of D&S Lifestyle Enterprises, Inc.  I am also a certified master hypnotherapist and I truly believe in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit.  As a sex consultant, I counsel and help those in complimentary lifestyles accept who they truly are.  For almost fourteen years I ran (People Exchangeing Power), P.E.P Atlanta a BDSM pansexual support group in Atlanta Georgia.  This organization provided weekly discussions, demonstrations, support and a play space to help educate those interested in power play relationships in a safe environment.  In 2001, I created PEP4POC (People Exchanging Power for People of Color) an inclusionary group created to enlighten, empower and dispel myths and misconceptions concerning BDSM and People of Color. I also am one of the founders, organizers and past President of the Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women's organization focused on female camaraderie, community awareness and service.  Onyx Pearls is also the sister organization to The Southeast Men of Onyx.

My vision has evolved since I entered this Leather lifestyle journey almost twenty years ago.  In the beginning my dream was to create an atmosphere of comfort regardless of gender or sexual orientation and to provide education to the community especially those who were new to it.  P.E.P. began as a totally heterosexual group with no tolerance for others and through the years it evolved to include all and developed a community consciousness.  P.E.P. was always about sharing my home to create a family atmosphere, mingle, learn and enjoy one another.  Now my goals have changed and without the constant reponsibilities of P.E.P. Atlanta, I feel that I can give more to the community and individuals in it.  My path now is to continue to educate and enlighten without the constant distracts that P.E.P. afforded me.  In September of 2008 at the P.E.P. five year reunion, my Mistress and mentor, the Duchess publicly declared me as her protege and as an additional honor, awarded me her mentor, Frank Puckett's cap.  I still want to help bring healing to those in our community who are doing detrimental and destructive things and help them achieve dignity, acceptance and live up to their full potential.  I am now free to educate and share my knowledge and help mentor those who have a true hunger and thrist for this lifestyle.  I would like to continue to serve this community in whatever capacity you need me, as an educator, counselor, therapist, etc.  I have received credentials and have been ordained as a Reverend so that I may also perform duties in the ministry such as weddings, baptisms, commitment cerimonies, etc.

My personal commitment is to help make this community stronger and better and to continue Jill Carter's philosopy of Each One, Teach One.  If you would like me to teach a class, be a guest speaker, be a judge for a contest or if there is any other way that I can serve, I offer my services to you.  I can be reached from the information below.  Please remember to give your time, your money and your love to all of those in this community that selflessly give to you.  I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me on my journey and now I would like the opportunity to 'pass if forward'.  Thank you so much for you time and consideration.

Lady D
PO Box 361294
Decatur, GA  30036
(404) 786-1535